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Single Story Summer House Overlooks Forested Gorge in Sweden

Located on the edge of a 10m drop into a gorge in Vindo, on an island on the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, the homes south / east exposure was dictated by the ridge topography. Architect, Max Holst, made the most of the location by designing and building a wooden single storey home that sits on black concrete plinths. This elevates the home into the trees, offering an eye level view of the mostly Pines. This tree house effect is continued with the interior of the home clad almost completely with wood. On the exterior Dark timbers clad the façade and a sheltered deck leads to the living zone of kitchen, living and dining spaces.

Off of the home’s deck, a walkway continues on to a small shed that is stacked high with firewood. Even the shed has a fireplace and wrap around decks for views down into the gorge below.
On the other side of the home a short flight of stairs leads down to a sheltered deck. Here the barbeque station is set up and just next to the deck, another stack of firewood is piled neatly between two of the trees.
The wrap around deck is covered in the same wood used on the exterior decking. Here the view into the canopy of trees is truly spectacular and the balustrade that surrounds the deck is kept clean and simple so as not to interrupt the vista.
The wrap around deck is clearly visible through the windows of the living zone. The interior is clad in clear-coated tongue and groove wood boards so as to blend harmoniously with the forest-scape beyond the home. The furnishings are kept to the same tones as the wood flooring, walls and ceiling to help emphasize the green of the trees and continue the tree house effect.
The kitchen cabinetry is veneered in more mid tone woods and the counters are a black solid surface. The only pop of colours comes from the counter tops, the vent pipe over the stove, the dark brown pendant over the dining table and the pillow on the couch. The exposed beams offer a repeat pattern that is picked up in the pillow.
A wide hallway leads from the living zone to the sleeping area. The hallway doubles as a play area for the children whose bedrooms are connected to it.
Acting a buffer between the living and sleeping sections of the home are a bathroom and sauna. The two room Sauna is a holistic place to relax and unwind, while still enjoying the treetop views from the lounge area
The walls in the hot room of the sauna are clad in wood with a black walnut stain while the wood floors keep their light natural finish.
At the far end of the hall is the Master Bedroom. The homeowners have chosen to keep the spacious room uncluttered, furnishing it with only the necessary items of bed, bedside tables and lighting. The simple minimalist approach to this space allows the homeowners a place to unwind and relax before drifting off into a blissful slumber surrounded by nature.
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