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Exciting new Filigrana Finishes for Kreoo Nabhi Vessel Sinks

Enzo Berti has designed three new finishes and fittings for the Nabhi collection by Kreoo. These finishes layer tone on tone patterns into the already stunning marble used to form the sink bowls. The three designs can be applied to all of the Nabhi sink designs in any kind of marble.

Filigrana 1 presents a portrayal of elegant sticks scattered across the top half of the vessel, creating a denser and denser pattern as it reaches the lip of the sink. The imagery is reminiscent of a childhood game called Shanghai or Pick up Sticks.
Filigrana 2 is a modern graphic that has the appearance of soap bubbles spilling over the edge of the bowl. Inspired by gold filigree, the pattern is slightly raised.
Filigrana 3 takes on a classic and delicate detail – inspired by the ornament of Acanthus leaves commonly used in the Corinthian capitals of Ancient Greece.
The Nabhi bowls themselves are a highly flexible system of bathroom furnishings composed mainly of tray-bowl structures.
Nabhi marble sinks are always a luxurious and elegant way to dress up a bathroom. The addition of these intricate graphics that play with light layers in a unique and exciting design element that is sure to impress all who see them.


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