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Everyone’s an Artist: Frames Wallpaper by Taylor & Wood

Celebrating 10 years of Frames Wallpaper, Taylor & Wood have added a few new colors – gold, pink and black. But the real story is the versatility of this design – and its ability to draw out potential artists. You can use the frames for photos – make friendship walls in the kids’ bedrooms! Or create a family tree of photos. Or let the kids go to town with crayons or colored pencils and draw pictures inside the frames. Or use watercolors for a different look. This wallpaper transforms the walls into giant canvases for your budding artists to create masterpieces that you’ll treasure forever. The wallpaper is “spongeable” so you can wipe up any mistakes. Or dirty hand prints that may grace the walls later. You could use this interactive wallpaper in almost any room – the nursery, the kids’ rooms, the hall, the playroom. It’s so inspiring that they should have named it: Create An Artist!

Three new patterns have been introduced for 2014: white on black, white on pink and gold on white.
More information: Graham & Brown


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