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European Toilet Design – the latest trends

Unlike in the US, European toilets always looked modern, and lately, some amusing designs showed up. No classic round WC’s but fresh contemporary shapes, no bulky water closets but skinny water tanks or less tanks. New materials are used for toilet seats as well. The toilets are no longer for nature calls only – they are designed to impress. What used to be a simple necessity has become an integrated element of the bathroom design. A contemporary bidet would complete the ensemble. Here you’ll find a quick roundup of today’s European toilet designs. Before expressing yourself by installing one make sure it fits the US code. Buy them at Giant.
Shown right is Hera wall mounted toilet by Althea Ceramica, with steel support. About $600 or £350.
Below are some examples from Pozzi-Ginori, Simas, Vitruvit, Duravit, Rapsel and Alessi:



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