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Ergonomic Sunken Bathtub Installation by Rexa Puts Bath Accessories Within Reach

The Ergo_nomic line of bathroom accoutrements from Rexa is all gorgeous but we’re particularly impressed with their sunken bathtub. And how convenient it would be in practice. And this isn’t your 1950s sunken bathtub – there is nothing retro about this sleek and modern installation. Imagine this: You’ve had a hard day at work, you come home, run a bath with bubbles, grab your book, a candle, a drink (tea or wine, you choose) and ease into the tub. Oops. You forgot the matches! If you were in this tub, they could be within reach in the cupboard behind you. Everything is within reach – cabinets, book cases, you could place whatever you needed on the floor closeby. And of course, it’s available with whirlpool jets and ozone therapy. What more could you ask for in a bathtub?

Clean, modern lines define this sunken tub.
More information: Rexa


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