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Old Carpenter Table Made into Bathroom Vanity by Rexa

In the Friula region of Italy, Rex Design uses traditional Fruilian wordworking techniques on their master-crafted pieces, like this wonderful bathroom vanity. They’ve taken an old carpenter table and married it with upscale fixtures to create a great partnership. This free standing vanity has a Corian basin with an incline drain. The table may be an antique but the fixtures and faucets are state of the art. And just look at the incredible patina on that wood surface – what a luxury to have such history and such functionality. Christened TAUL, each piece will be unique, something you can truly call your own. Making use of the existing layout of the printer table, there are recessed shelving and spaces for drawers. And these tables make for generously sized vanities, where you can spread out your ‘stuff’. A modern, sleek bathroom vanity, with history and charm. And no two pieces are exactly alike!

The water drains by gravity, the sink bottom is built on an incline.
You can use the recessed shelving to hold a green plant!
More information: Rexa


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