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Enchanting Small Patio Ideas To Try This Summer

As sunny days are extended, and warmer nights are quickly approaching, outdoor time will quickly become essential. Something is charming and serene about having a patio space that screams tranquility. For those that are fortunate enough to have a patio, it is essential to create a space that makes you feel at home yet on vacation at once. To do just that there are steps you can take to create that enchanting small patio that is everything you have wanted and more. The following ideas are sure to inspire you to want to take your patio to the next level.

Moroccan Style

When it comes to Morocco decor you want to layer as many pieces as possible. It’s all about creating a fantasy that feels chic and new.

One decorating style that goes extremely under the radar is Moroccan décor. Moroccan décor is perfect for those that want to create a vacation-like atmosphere while getting all of your much-needed furniture pieces. It’s all about getting your décor to scream Moroccan from the very first moment your guests see it. Bring in a pile of pillows in printed fabric and add pendant lamps in Tazi designs to complete this new world creation. Work with unique tables that enhance the overall appearance of your display.

Modern Neutral

Neutral doesn’t mean boring, it means you’re using chic hues that are in the neutral palette range that will make the area cohesive and chic.

Having a neutral space doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, it can be enchanting as well. The key is working with décor pieces that make sense to the room overall. Bring in a long, low table, and allow it to become the focus of the room, while it is paired with a seating bench or smaller stools that complete the look, you might even want to use both to ensure you get the most out of your patio space. Pair the bench with cushions for an expensive appearance that is quite inexpensive.

Dining Area

If you really want to get creative, go for unique chairs. The chairs will instantly make the area come to life without having to rearrange the room entirely.

Take your patio to the next level by adding a dining area. The dining area should feel as new and fresh every time you walk into it. Therefore, work in a large round table and pair it with larger seats that make the area feel alive and chic. Its almost as if the space is open and airy yet takes shape as the perfect chic space with just a hint of intimate. Creating a balance will instantly revamp the area.

Garden Wall

If you want to indulge the area with plants yet don’t want to make the space feel clustered, consider using planters in multiple different sizes for a seamless appeal.

A luxurious, large garden wall can make the ultimate statement approach towards your patio. There is something chic, and charming about having a garden wall as the background of your patio. Work in a large wood table to create a bold approach, and pair it with modern chairs. Having this pairing will immediately take your patio to the next level with a fresh touch.

Give it a Cozy Twist

When it comes to keeping it cozy, make sure to bring a throw pillow and a blanket for the perfect contrast that feels warm and enchanting at once.

When you have a covered patio its important to consider how enchanting you want your space to be. To take a covered patio to the next level, you want to bring cozy outdoor seating. What this means is that you can bring a sofa, accent chairs, and a table and completely change the aesthetic of the area. It’s about bringing a blended look that feels almost like your dining table to truly create a warm atmosphere.

Sweet round table

Consider bringing rounded chairs for the perfect appeal, that makes the area feel new and fresh every time you sit down.

Not every piece you use in your patio needs to be bold and daring, some of them can be feminine and sweet. For a feminine and sweet approach bring in a round table. Round tables are a top favorite due to how enchanting they truly are. There is something almost minimal about them that instantly satisfies the eye. Dress up your round table with a dainty tablecloth, and work in a few simple chairs and the look will be complete.


Get creative with your fireplace to create a unique space that feels chic and modern at once.

If you are one of the lucky ones who happen to have a bit of a large patio it is time to take full advantage of the extra square footage. But exactly should you do such a thing without going overboard and making the room feel smaller? Simple, add a fireplace. Bring a fireplace to an outdoor space might seem like a contrary thing to do but its everything you and more, especially when you want to create an enchanting space. Take a marble fireplace and surround it with black furniture for an edgy twist. Edge might be the last thing you think of when you consider the word enchanting but oh does it bring out the enchantment in any décor you are interested in having.

Rustic & Laidback

Add tree stomps to your rustic decor to fully embrace your decor. It’s all about making the space feel as rustic as possible.

The outdoor space is notorious for always having a rustic approach, especially during the fall months. Instead of shying away from it, put into full effect by embracing your surroundings and falling in love with the space. Bring in a hammock, a lounge chair, or even a day bed and pair it with a minimal chair and table set and there you will have the perfect laidback space that might just feel like an extension of your living room. Furthermore, don’t forget to add a few throw pillows into the mix.

Boho Chic Anyone?

For a boho-chic twist enable the patio to have as much of a plant approach as possible for the ultimate appeal.

Could we speak about an enchanting area of the home, without mentioning boho chic? Possibly, but why would we want too? Boho chic is one of these decorating styles that simply makes sense anywhere it is placed. Add a bold sectional bench and work in a table for a boho-chic touch that also gives you an added seating space. Pair it with a wicker pendant and fun fabrics in a multitude of patterns for a dash of personality.

Cabana Style

Work your lower table by adding stools that instantly brighten the space overall.

Who doesn’t love a good resort vacation? There is something about those cabanas that instantly make the vacation feel that much more real. Well, since we can’t exactly fly right now or go on vacation, why not bring the vacation right to the patio? Start with a low teak table and work around it. This style works well if you have a wall you can place the table in front of, adorn the wall with fresh plants and bring in lower chairs that offset the table in vacation, minimal feel. Furthermore, add chair cushions to fully embrace that vacation vibe you are trying to create. Add a basket on the table so you can fill it with fruits or flowers and allow the vacation in your mind to come to life.

While we are all quarantined, its time to embrace the extra time and begin creating the home of our dreams. Please share with us what changes you would make to your small patio space below.


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