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Enamel Steel Bathtub Bettelux by Bette

This enamel steel bathtub by Bette is just gorgeous! Bettelux is the name and it is apropos – especially the ‘lux’ part. Short for luxurious. It’s actually a tub inside a frame. How unusual is that? This is a new variant on the tub – with frame as the enclosure. The shape of the tub remains visible from all sides. It’s enamelled on the outside (for looks) and the inside (for your comfort). And Bette has turned this into an entire design line, also offering washbasins and accessory furniture. It would be a great style for a smaller bathroom – it would give it a more open feel. It would also be great for a large bathroom, by accentuating the openness. It’s a minimalist, contemporary look that would suit a lot of different styles. We love it.
enamel-steel-bathtub-bettelux-by-bette -1.jpg

enamel-steel-bathtub-bettelux-in-frame -3.jpg


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