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Electronic Lavatory Faucet by Iqua

Great design while placing importance on hygiene and the environment can all be found in this single electronic lavatory faucet by Iqua. That’s a lot of qualities for one little faucet, don’t you think? But that’s why we love it. This faucet is activated by a motion sensor, which we all know, is great for promoting hygiene since taps needn’t be turned on. It also has an electronic display on the face of it, showing the water temperature and water consumption. This is a great feature, keeping us aware of how much water we are using, because usually, the answer is always ‘too much’. Its simple and modern design is just the cherry on top. It may be time to think about replacing all the faucets around here. To learn more about this state-of-the-art faucet, visit Iqua.


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