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Egg Shaped Jane Chair Creates a Statement

The Jane chair is a moulded egg shaped cocoon that is both seat and arm rest. With its clean lined silhouette and white, light cream or ash colour story, Jane fits into any modernist décor but would also be an awesome accent piece within an industrial chic or cottage aesthetic. The four splayed beech wood legs reflect back to mid century styles, as does the polyurethane seat, but the angular shape to the legs and the mat white lacquered finish is definitely 21st century. The base is also available in lacquered light cream or ash grey for a Scandinavian flavour and in walnut for a more dramatic pop.

Combining the white moulded seat with a natural beech leg and pairing it with like pieces offers a real Nordic flare that is perfect for small apartments. The addition of the natural wood base – whether beech or walnut – allows Jane to make a statement against light tile or pale wood floor treatments.
Adding an additional layer of interest is the choice of using an ash seat within a white or light cream surround. The slatted look of the seat brings a linear geometry to the otherwise organic shape of Jane. It would be fun to use this seat and surround combination paired with the optional choice of a swivel chrome base for a home office that features a contrasting dark wood or colourful lacquered finish.
Jane through Compar


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