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Backyard Escape: Elliptical Pod Tree House

Baumraum – known for their tree houses – designed an elliptical pod around two oaks for clients who wanted a backyard escape on their wooded lot in Gross Ippener, North Germany. Treehouse Djuren is positioned between the oaks and is supported by 4 steel supports that expand outward as they rise up to the underside of the tree house in the oak canopies. Additionally Treehouse Djuren is strapped to the oak trees with cables and strapping.

Treehouse Djuren is accessed by 2 ship ladders, the first leads to the lower terrace at 3.8m above ground and the second ladder continues on the upper terrace at 10.6m above ground. The double decker terrace system creates two awesome outdoor zones where the homeowners can appreciate their surrounding landscape and wildlife inhabitants.
The elliptical shape of the dwelling creates an egg shaped profile from the side and the architects have played this up by cladding the sides in a shiny egg white finish surrounding a wood framed window that resembles a yolk. Aside from the glossy white sides, Treehouse Djuren is all wood with the exception of the sheet zinc roof.
One of the oak trees not only carries the load of two terraces through a suspension system comprised of cables but it also offers an up close and personal view of the tree itself as it rises through voids within the terraces. As the tree grows older, the void diameters will be increased to allow for the expanding girth of the trunk.
A glazed door leads from the upper terrace to the inside of Treehouse Djuren where one can enjoy the forested vistas from bench seats below the windows.
The benches follow the curvature of the window to create a comfortable place to lounge or sleep. To add to the cozy factor the benches have been upholstered in a soft grey felt and the wall has been fitted with a small reading light.
The yolk window has a small openable pane for cross ventilation, and when its open the sound of the leaves rustling in breezes and birds chirping must be so relaxing.
The interior of the pod is a cozy 10.6sqm while the terraces add an additional 16.4sqm of outdoor living space.
Treehouse Djuren is safely and gently integrated into its forested landscape for an amazing backyard treetop escape.
Photography by Alasdair Jardine


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