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Eco Friendly Furniture by Flohr Design

eco friendly furniture flohr design 1 Eco Friendly Furniture by Flohr Design
Flohr Design makes some stylish furniture and interior products using a unique eco friendly material. It all started when Christian Reder planted some Sakhalin knotweed in his yard. The stuff grows like weeds, with tall shoots with luscious leaves. In order to keep it from soon taking over the whole yard, he had to cut a lot of it away but felt terrible about burning the tubular shoots, which happened to be very light but incredibly strong. Some experimentation led him to develop a unique material. He embedded the shoots into a mixture of cold glue and wood flour and now calls it Flohr. Looking closely at the furniture, you can see the cross sectioned material, which reveals an interesting perforated texture and pattern – giving the pieces a very unique look. And since the material has such a short regrowth period, it makes it a perfectly sustainable and eco friendly solution for furniture and other interior products. Fun stuff! Learn more at Flohr Design.

eco friendly furniture sakhalin knotweed chair 2 Eco Friendly Furniture by Flohr Design



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