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Eclectic Interior Decorating – Ideas from Stockholm

This apartment in Stockholm is packed with great ideas for an eclectic interior decorating scheme. It is a modern home that emits tons of originality. First of all, let’s talk about that wonderful spiral staircase. Pretty amazing on its own, its form adds a high level of interest to the quadratic layout of the home itself. The tall ceilings and crown molding give the home a romantic air, as do some of the classical style accessories. The modern furniture pieces and accessories make the space quite stylish. We especially love the spherical stools at the kitchen bar. The color palette and patterns throughout the home are typical of Scandinavian decor as are the kitchen cabinets and dining room furniture among many other items. Mirrors play a big role in this apartment and especially interesting is the mirrored backsplash in the kitchen. The placement of the mirrors in the bedroom and hallway are perfectly thought out with regard to what they reflect. The wallpaper choices are pretty bold and they work well. Primary red can be over bearing at times but the choice of wide red and white stripes in the dining room is a good alternative when you want the impact and excitement of red without it being aggravating. The library wallpaper in the living room is fun and quirky but it fits so well with the color scheme in the room that it blends right in. So does the chinoiserie in the bedroom, which is usually typical of classical style. There are a few different decor styles in this home that influence the interior scheme. The main one is Scandinavian modern, but when done properly and when considering color and form, you can throw in a couple of other styles, which essentially gives this space that eclectic vibe. This apartment is for sale at Eklund Stockholm New York.



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