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Eccentric Modern Garden Inspiration – 10 Beautiful Ideas

Here we are, it’s the second week of April, it’s time to start thinking of our outdoor space. Granted, many of us, are stuck at home praying and wishing things get better so we can fully embrace the warmer weather. However, while they did say social distancing is a must, they didn’t exactly say we couldn’t enough our garden and backyard. Yeah, maybe a loophole or maybe some wishful thinking, either or its time for us to take our decorating dreams to the next level and consider what our dream garden would look like. Here are a few ideas to put on your Pinterest board.

Take Advantage of the View

The more focused you are on the view the grander the appeal will be.

If you are fortunate enough to have a luxurious view, it only makes sense for you to take full advantage of it. The first thing you want to do is face all of your furniture in the direction of the view. Doing so will instantly give the room a well-rounded approach. Work with larger furniture pieces and pair them with smaller ones to bring an aesthetically pleasing approach. Furthermore, you want to bring in color to fully seal the deal overall.

Natural Elements

Bring in as many natural elements as possible to further enhance the idea of creating a natural space with contrast.

Sometimes you need to bring nature to any room including the outdoor space. It almost seems redundant to have to bring natural elements outside, but whos outdoor space is so put together that it doesn’t need a touch or two of charm? When it comes to putting together natural elements, consider working with other landscape items such as rocks, pebbles, and even stone. You can work them in slowly or even consider using an array of different sizes of the same item for a beautiful contrast that makes sense to the room.

Bring in Color

When it comes to bringing color, consider adding plants with a colorful finish for the perfect contrast.

When selecting your furniture, you want to take into consideration just how much color, and texture your garden already has. If there is already an abundance of color, consider bringing in hues of green. On the contrary, if there is already a large amount of greenery, you want to work with bold shades of yellow, orange, red, and pinks. Whether you include them with flowers, furniture cushions or you decide to work with an array of textures, you want to make sure every area is colorful and bright.

Don’t forget the Pool

You want to make sure your pool is fully engulfed with trees, to make the room come to life overall.

As for the pool area, you want to go as geometric as possible. Furthermore, when choosing a geometric sense to add you want to bring in lounge bits that feel unique and modern yet comfortable and chic. Use all the surrounding greenery to truly give that area the ultimate relaxing approach. Bring in mod-inspired seating and allow it to be the focus to truly make your outdoor area feel refreshed and almost as if you are stepping into a new era.

Greenery Wall

Use separation panels to make the space feel fresh and crisp time and time again. Bring in textured plants to make the area as chic and charming as can be.

If you have been searching high and low for the perfect way to enhance your garden, look no further, having a greenery wall gives you all the feels without taking away from the space. Use one style of greenery to enhance the look, and make the wall appear fuller. It’s all about making sure the wall always, feel full if you want to create a contrast, work with large plants and add mini ones in-between. Doing so will instantly give the area a welcoming feel that is chic and charming at once. Additionally, let’s not forget it creates a modern aesthetic that is oh so charming.

Do not be Afraid of Having a Breakfast Table

If you have a large garden, work with a long table and pair it with cushioned seats for the perfect texture that enhances the room

When you first hear the word garden your last thought would typically be “I need to add a breakfast table;” however, if you happen to spend hours on end outside then that’s exactly what your garden could be missing. The simple act of adding a breakfast table can instantly switch up the feel of any garden. You can instantly go from minimal garden to modern space that is versatile and charming. Bring in a small, round breakfast table and pair it with two to three chairs to create that chic look. Furthermore, having the table and seating will give you a bit of motivation to spend more time outside.

Keep it Minimal

Having a display of trees is perfect for those that want to keep it minimal yet chic. Work with trees of a variety of sizes to fully enlighten the room.

Do not go crazy trying to construct the perfect modern area, you want to keep it as authentic to you as possible. Whether that means bringing in small succulents or that involves you spacing your plants around, it’s all about keeping it minimal so that your garden never feels overwhelming. It should feel like your very own slice of heaven, far away from the chaos of the world, almost as if it’s the space where you can breathe fresh air and focus on meditating. Use different colored plants to further enhance the space you are trying to bring bold focus too.

Fruit Trees

The larger your lemon tree the grander the picture will be. Furthermore, bring in oranges to complete the look overall.

Don’t overlook the idea of using what you already have to create an eccentric space. If you have always wanted to have the perfect Pinterest board garden, this is the time to invest in it. Plant those seeds and watch them grow, particularly if you are interested in growing your fruits and vegetables. It’s time to clean your garden and showcase those fruit trees you have always loved. The bolder the fruit the more aesthetically pleasing it will be. We love the idea of working with lemon trees for the perfect contrast.

Water Element

Even if it is the smallest gesture of water elements, you want to embrace the size and appeal of the room.

It is very important to have a water source in your garden, especially if you want your water source to end up feeding your plants. Having this element will allow your garden to be as sufficient as can be without you having to babysit it regularly. It creates a sense of serenity in a chic manner. Whether you bring a water fountain or your garden is next to a steady stream of water, you want to be able to hear the water flow every single time. You could even consider having a display of rocks with a flow of water running through them, to create that chic display.

Draping Plants

Drape as many plants as possible to fully embrace the room in general

Whether you have a large concrete wall, or simply want something modern and concise to have, bring in draping plants. They are the perfect statement piece to have, especially when you want to bunch them up together. It’s all about bringing a focus to your wall without taking away from the rest of your garden space. Keep your draped plants as green as possible to ensure the area feels as chic and enchanting as the rest of your décor.

Which of these garden ideas are you most inspired by? Share with us your thoughts and ideas below.


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