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Dynamic Modern Bathroom Design from Hidra – Hi-Line collection

Hidra Hi-Line bathroom collection
Fittingly named, the Hi-Line collection from Hidra is indeed a ‘formal study on lines’ and their interpretation into a modern bathroom design. There is something pleasing about the draping lines incorporated into this design which the company describes as ‘fast and dynamic but also soft and creamy’. The Hi-Line collection of toilet, bidet and sink is finished in a gorgeous high-gloss soft grey color that is very uncommon. You will find pleasure in ordinary daily routines when you simply take a moment to stand back and appreciate the fine forms of the pieces. If individuality is your priority, the Hi-Line bathroom has a disposition to suit your needs. Contact Hidra for more information on this innovative bathroom collection.
Hidra Hi-Line bathroom sink
Hidra Hi-Line toilet and bidet


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