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Dutch Design Lighting w/ lots of personality – candy-like Moooi Lolita lamps

If you want to bring a playful edge to your home, look to this Dutch design lighting with lots of personality. The Moooi Lolita lamps are unusual, candy-like designs that come in a pastel color palette of pink, grey, and classic black and white with a high-gloss finish. Available in the Lolita Pendant, the Lolita Table Lamp and the Lolita Floor Lamp designs, you can have fun with your decor while coordinating your rooms. The charming bell-shaped shades have a feminine quality that is simple yet stylish. Designer Nika Zupanc herself says, “My imagination chases female archetypes intentionally. Frivolous, even naive objects are my favorite victims. And when, during such a process, I manage to be creative in an evidently reserved way, I then touch the purest meaning of my work and frivolity becomes timeless elegance. Lolita is here to play with your emotions. She is here to break your everyday routine.” Check out these sweet, candy-like Dutch lighting fixtures by visiting Moooi.



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