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Room Design Ideas from Moooi

Moooi is the Dutch word for beautiful (with an extra “O” for extra value) and that is exactly what their furnishings are. Here a selection of their furnishings and accessories are arranged in a captivating setting of charcoals and yellow. The Bart Sofa and Armchair are rubenesque in their silhouette with a lower texture of grid work that adds visual intrigue; this low line of texture is carried through to the two coffee tables, Elements 005 and 006 respectively. The two coffee tables both take their muse from cactus shapes but could just as easily resemble basket formations. The cinnamon toned 5 O’Clock Chair brings in a sense of history and the plaid area rug balances that history with its modern flair. Behind the leather chair is a vignette of Construction Lamp L’s for a bit of industrial chic and suspended from the ceiling is a stunning arrangement of Raimond globe lights. The disco-esque nature of these globe lights is the touch of whimsy that finalizes the overall look of the room. The shimmering lights within the globes are multiplied throughout the space with the Paper Mirror. The mirror allows its reflections to be the star of the room by allowing itself to “disappear” onto the wall with its tone on tone white wall scape.

Centred in the seating arrangement is a third table, the “Urbanhike” appropriately named as you can hike it to wherever you want to use it. The whimsical choice of a walking cane piercing the silver tray top as both leg and handle, makes moving the table from one location to another a breeze. The walking cane in the table and the “Paper Buffet” against the wall bring in traditional aspects to what would normally be considered a modern arrangement, the character and suggestion of history that these two pieces bring to the space is offset with the large super sized photographic image of a person shrouded in fabric strips. It is as though the walking stick belongs to this person.
Colourful does not always mean bright and this midnight blue room uses colour in a very subdued and dramatic fashion. The “Set Up Shade” floor lamp in the corner plays nicely off of the dark walls and the navy chairs are barely noticeable allowing the sedums to be the star of the table setting. Moooi is never one to play it safe and the addition of a super fun colour blocked cabinet with a natural wood cabinet door next to a Cobalt blue cabinet door, set onto a Cadmium Red façade adds an almost childlike quality to an otherwise grown up space.
Whether grown up spaces or flights of fancy, colour always plays a strong roll in Moooi creations. The “Boutique Delft Blue Jumper” sofa is a power packed statement of tangerine that is then further enhanced with the use of blue and white patterned cushions. Here the “Set Up Shade” floor lamps use white as a strong white colour statement against the ash wall colour. In the photo on the right a floor lamp makes a similar statement as the couch but uses a deep cadmium yellow tone instead. The same choice of blue and white pattern is next to the floor lamp in the “Delft Blue No 01” vase. The Smoke Dining Chair, while not adding to the dramatic pops of colour, brings instead, an intricate and traditional silhouette to an otherwise contemporary space.
The wide array of furnishings and decor that Mooi offers makes creating an interesting vignette with their pieces extremely easy. Here on the left a large over-sized black and white modern clock is matched with a small and delicate country chic desk called Two Tops Secretary. A retro chair finishes of this arrangement for an eclectic mix of styles that work harmoniously together. On the right is a more traditional setting of a simple white Canvas Sofa paired with a clean lined Elements 007 coffee table. Hits of blue are brought into the space via pillows, vases and area rug. The arrangement is both simple in style and colour combinations, but is kept interesting with the uses of complimentary patterns.
Aside from colour, texture and pattern – Mooi loves playing shape and colour the tables are paired with a green plaid rug and a sketchy patterned grey Cloud Sofa. The Cloud Sofa has been a favourite of mine for awhile. To continue the theme of sexy silhouettes a Altdeutsche Clock looks down and over the seating arrangement.
Another element that makes these furniture arrangements both fun and modern is the use of super sized elements, on the left the dining space is punctuated with a large wall print of an outdoor scene. As if hovering over the wall print the “Dear Ingo” light pendant offers an abstract cluster of what we would normally think to be desk lamps, but here, high above the table they create an animalmorphic imagery that plays off of the outdoor wall print. The simple AVL Table allows the modern chandelier and the wall print to be the star of the show. On the right the large super sized portrait of a man with a leopard print on his face showcases a large print against the sketchy print of the Cloud Couch. The large plaid pattern on the rug continues the super sized theme within this space.


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