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Drop-In Bathtubs – new sunken bathtubs by Blubleu

These new sunken bathtubs by Italian company Blubleu are the latest in aesthetic artistry for your luxury at-home spa. Three fabulous designs come in a variety of shapes suited to any bathroom, large or small. The Thais drop-in bathtub is a gorgeous square-shaped tub with plenty of room inside to relax and soak away the cares of the day. The Alise sunken bathtub is circular in shape, delivering versatility for easy corner or central positioning. The Jodi designs are drop-in bathtubs with a flat edge for easy installation near a wall without any wasted space. Regardless of their shape, these drop-in bathtubs are equipped with a range of spa-inspired features that feel as great as they look, which include air jets, the Ozone system that promotes circulatory and skin health, and chromotherapy. These stunning new bathtubs will make the bathroom your favorite room in the home. For more info visit Blubleu.



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