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Dream Kitchen Must Haves

When you picture your dream kitchen what do you see? A beautiful modern space with fancy appliances, bold chandeliers with luxury pots and pans, or a farmhouse cozy space filled with patterns? Whichever it is having your dream kitchen is well worth the wait and we want to help you along the way. Here are dream kitchen must-haves that everyone’s dream list should include.

Two Dishwashers

Your dishwasher does not need to be the statement of the room, they can be concealed away to make the room feel cohesive without being interrupted.

Yes, you read that correctly, no more dishes in the sink! It’s time to embrace the idea of using a dishwasher constantly. But not just any dishwasher, two dishwashers instead! Having two dishwashers will help you keep clutter and mess at bay while still being easy to conceal. You could have it hidden away in a drawer as the perfect display, that doesn’t scream “dishwasher.”

Double Cooking Areas

When it comes to having multiple cooking spaces, consider adding more than one for the perfect display. You might even want to have 2-3 for a grander display.

If you love to entertain and have guests over multiple times a week, having two cooking areas could be just what your dream kitchen needs. With two stoves, or even two ovens you can entertain double the people without going through the hassle of having to make different meals at a specific time, to have all meals done at the same time.

Organized Pantry

Keep your produce in contains to further organize your pantry. Add labels to the containers for a beautiful display.

Having a pantry is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It keeps organization in the kitchen while providing all of your canned goods a home that makes sense for them. Furthermore, ensure you get the most out of your pantry by labeling where all of your items should be. Doing so brings forth your ability to always have what you need when you need it.

Sleek Cabinets

The sleeker your cabinets the more luxurious the room will feel. Consider enhancing your sleek cabinets with minimal decor for a grand appeal.

In a kitchen, there is nothing as appealing as the cabinetry that is already displayed in the room. If you truly want to make a statement you want to have sleek cabinets that feel stylish and chic yet hide everything you don’t want on display. The idea is to have your cabinets become the main focus of the room, regardless of the appliances you might have.

Farmhouse Sink

The grander the sink the bigger the room will appear. Keep in mind, you want a warm appeal to enhance your farmhouse touch.

Another dream kitchen aspect to include is changing up the sink. While farmhouse sinks might seem like a nostalgic bit to include, they are coming back on trend and we are obsessed. A large sink could be the perfect touch your kitchen is missing. Especially if you want to bring a farmhouse vibe to your décor without taking away from what you already have.

Moveable Island

Being able to move your island where you please works well due to allowing you to change up your decor on a regular basis.

Having a movable island could be just what you need to bring luxury to a room. There is something fun and chic about having mobility, particularly when you are hosting. It’s all about having items that allow you to connect with your guests at any given time. Give yourself the space you need with convenience when you have a movable island.

Open Floor Plan

The more open your floor plan is, the better. You want a connected space and if you have a view even better.

Is there anything as luxurious yet entertaining as having an open floor plan? Absolutely not! Open floor plans work great due to how much interaction they allow you to have with the rest of the home. Furthermore, it allows you to keep the home airy and sleek while still incorporating the essentials that are needed in the kitchen and your living room. Blend your décor for the perfect outcome.

Illuminate the Room

Use identical light fixtures to bring a modern touch that makes the room feel expansive.

It’s time to brighten up the room as much as you can. The key is illuminating all areas of the room, you want to bring as much airiness as possible. Expand your windows for the biggest brightening effect in the home. Add multiple pendants, numerous lights and a chandelier to ensure you bring in as much lighting as possible. The idea is to make the room feel fresh and fun all at once.

Classic Marble

When it comes to marble consider having a grand display to make the room feel grand and cohesive.

Add classic white marble counters or the island to make the room have an elegant twist. It’s all about bringing elegance with luxury to the next level. Think of it as an easy manner of bringing a pattern without taking away from the room. The key is having exactly what you need when you need it with a touch of marble that adds just the right amount of appeal to the room.

Dark Wood Flooring

Pair your dark wood with light furniture for a beautiful contrast that makes sense to the room and the space.

Is there anything quite as warming and enchanting to a room quite like dark wood flooring? We think not! Wood floors bring warmth right where you need it. Especially if you have softer bits that make the room feel sleek and modern. The key is having what you need right when and where you need it. Keep in mind, the lighter the hues paired with the darker bits the more farmhouse the room will appeal.

What does your dream kitchen look like? Describe it below.


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