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DIY Reading Nook – Inspired Design Idea

If you have some unused space in your home, let yourself be inspired by this idea and turn it into an inviting DIY reading nook. It could be a fun DIY project. Based on this example, if you have a little “DIY will” and the right tools, it doesn’t seem too complicated. The owner of this home used the same pale colored wood on the floor to create the shelves and trim for this niche. This helps to maintain harmony in the room. To avoid complication, you wouldn’t necessarily have to incorporate the slanted part, although it does add some interest. Next, create the base on which the day bed will lay and incorporate some storage, as they have done here. Think about integrating some lighting for your nook, but plan it before putting up the shelves and faux walls. Next, think about cozy pillows and blankets and decide on a color scheme. Here, they used gray and white, green and blue in light tones of medium to light intensities. As a result, the space is cool and relaxing – pretty peaceful. We like the idea of wallpapering the inside of the nook as it helps to define the space. Final step, prepare a tea and spend the afternoon reading your favorite book – in your fabulous new nook!
via Colored Mondays.


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