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Digital Bathroom Design from Ideal Standard – hi-tech from heaven …

We have more info on the Hi-Tech Digital Bathroom from Ideal Standard… Step into the brilliant bathroom of the future with this amazing Digital Bathroom Design from Ideal Standard. It’s perfect for the ever-growing numbers of technophiles who use their phones, MP3 players and computers all the time – even in the bathroom. Now, these electronic features are fully integrated into a bathroom that will totally change the way you relax. It’s important to make the most of every moment… so why not catch up with TV programmes you’ve missed whiles soaking in the whirlpool tub? Catch the weather report and some music videos as you wash your face at the sink? All functions in this bathroom are user-friendly, with simple touch-panels and remote controls. Electronic taps and flush operations are standard. No detail is omitted – there is even a stylish electronic weighing scale for your convenience. “Modern digital technology offers the best opportunities, our quality of life better and more reliable support,” says designer Robin Levi, who has 28 years with Ideal Standard International. Bring your home into the digital age with Ideal Standard.


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