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15 Different Command Center Ideas To Keep the Family Organized

In the mudroom, in the kitchen, or in the laundry room, you can hide away this corner and keep your worries at bay. Have all the essentials tidy and ready for the week ahead. Here are 15 different command center ideas to keep the family organized but in the most stylish of ways. From calendars to the to-do lists, let’s have a look at all the various possibilities.

Southern Living showcased this extra-tall command center that’s full of family function. From photos to the kids’ art to the grocery list, there’s a place to keep and display all the fun and have-to’s. We love how personalized this one is as well, and easily fitted to your particular family.

You could always make a quaint desk area for your family’s command center. A place to sit, pay the bills, and make sure all the happenings of the house are easy to get to and organize. Check out more behind this one over at Home Heart Harmony.

The Happy House went with a retro vibe that we’ve fallen in love with. We love this aqua color and the chevron accent. The chalkboards also add to that throwback, 50’s feel as well.

Our House Now A Home created a chalkboard board for the entire family to write on and play out their schedules. This will keep everyone on track and knowing what’s ahead for the day. The addition of the baskets help store the school stuff and sports equipment as well without too much clutter on the floor.

Little Vintage Nest created a farmhouse-style command center that got our attention as well. Baskets and cream colors, with pops of blue, it’s a beautiful scene that’s functional too.Hold the necessities in the baskets, make chore lists, and keep the family’s schedule up-to-date.

We’re really loving this Ikea-vibed command center. There’s a place for the bags, a shelf for the mail, and a calendar to keep everyone on time and organized. We love this space created by The Homes I Have Made and those knobs provide just the right amount of color to the area!

Home talk provided some great inspiration in terms of creating a command center in the family bathroom or kitchen. You can have it by the sink and still have all the have-to’s that you need. And this is a more modern take on some other schemes.

The counter top always works too if you don’t have enough space on the walls. We found this “before” and “after” over at A Mom Knows and thought it was one of the most simple and easiest ways to create a command center in every and anyone’s own home.

Addison’s Wonderland has a fresh and trendy command center that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s not cluttered, it layers textures beautifully, and still has all of the function in the world surrounding it’s stylish presence. It’s perfect in the kitchen but it’s got some great inspiration for home office setups as well.

You could make it magnetic, of course. Envelopes for the mails and bills, chalk to right down grocery lists, and even a clipboard to display chore charts. Check out more inspiration and ideas like this by jumping over to Love Create Celebrate.

Better Decorating Bible utilized a mudroom desk and turned it into the command center space the family needed. Chalkboard backsplash for to-do lists with the ability to use magnets, there’s so much you can accomplish with a spot like this in the house. And you can easily personalize it too.

Love & Renovations created a gorgeous spread in a closet space that we’ve fallen in love with. The curtain keeps things hidden but you can open it up and get your home’s work completely in an instant. You can double it as a homework space as well.

We love this quick and simple setup found over at The Container Store. Crisp and white, we love the family photos and gallery of functional pieces that the entire family can use. Floating shelves and a place to keep the keys, it’s a gorgeous way to go about making a space like this.

Half Mom Half Amazing has a quaint and traditional command center that’s perfect for a family space as well. There’s a spot for everyone’s shoes and a calendar to keep everyone on schedule and up-to-date about what’s happening. There are even some baskets nearby to drop mail and other bits and pieces.

And finally, if you’re looking for a way to bring your trendy, farmhouse style into your command center then all you need is to check out this space from Home NBC! It has all the essentials you need to keep everyone in the home on task. And that includes a spot to drop your rainboots!


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