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15 Modern Home Office Designs you won’t get any work done in

I don’t think I can get much work done with the spectacular forested views or ocean views just outside my home office window. Writing a romantic poem or a novel? Maybe. But doing my taxes? No way. I would have to opt for the workspace overlooking the wall and not the view. Still, do I wish I have a great view? Of course. Check out these dream home office designs of the lucky ones who enjoy amazing views.

Home office by architects Marko Simcic and Brian Broster, in British Columbia, designed for a musical performer. The entire house is on vimeo. This office is on the high ridge, with ocean bays just beneath it and trees around.
This study room design is part of the Passively Cooled House in California. I would be starring at the beautiful mountains all day trying to spot anything moving.
This glass book nook in the forest houses approximately 10,000 books. What a dreamy place!
This is one of my favorite office ideas – the view of the mountain lake below is simply stunning. There are probably only a few places in the world where you can get a location like this.
A very unusual and cool idea – locating all social areas including a workspace partially below the ground level so you can actually step outdoor right through your office window. See this entire barn style home.
A glass house addition was built to create this modern home office space.
This luxury glass and stone home was designed to frame the spectacular views. You can see the entire shoreline from the office window.
The new Herman Miller furniture collection offers inspiration for this glass home office design surrounded by a lush forest. It can be completely open to outdoors by the means of sliding glass walls.
Another dream work space – a wall of windows and a floor to ceiling bookcase. “Study looking west to private natural landscape and sunsets. Jean Prouve desk.” Architect: Michael Haverland.
The next 3 home office designs have a lot in common – a lengthy narrow tabletop built-in along the glass wall. This design offers unparalleled views of the surroundings and a chance for future business expansion.
Long built-in rustic office table in Italian farmhouse.
Long narrow built-in office table design in this Japanese villa takes advantage of the views from hilltop.
In this Piedmont residence, the glass bedroom office offers a long floating tabletop and a view of the mountain lake and forests beyond.
In the Cedar porch house, a bedroom office with a view features large window with ever-changing vistas of rock outcroppings and beautiful birch trees.
I really like the simplicity of the built-in wooden office space with a view, found in this Prefabricated Energy Efficient House.
Finally, the ultimate dream office comes with mesmerizing sunsets, gentle ocean breeze and soothing sound of the waves.


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