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Designer Bathtub by Axolo – the Lady X bathtub

axolo lady x bathtub Designer Bathtub by Axolo   the Lady X bathtub
Built using the best materials, this luxurious modern designer bathtub by Axolo is a real piece of bathroom artwork. Polished satin stainless steel, precious wood and aluminum sheets were the materials of choice for the Italian design team working on this modern designer bathtub and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Sharp minimalist lines add mystery and elegance to the beautiful combination of metal and precious wood. Axolo Lady X comes equipped with an integrated designer filler, a headrest cushion, a bookrest panel and a whole lot of style. Special thermoinsulation foam and aluminum panels are built into the tub side panels ensuring a relaxing and carefree bathing experience. See more designer bathtub products or visit Axolo for more information about Lady X tub.
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