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Design Tableware that Glows in the Dark by Philips Design

To some, food is an art, and those gourmet gurus out there will love this tableware that glows in the dark. Exploring food as a total experience, Philips Design Probes program investigated how integrating light, print, fragrance and micro-vibration with food can result in a feast for all the senses. This cool glow-in-the-dark tableware really dishes out an edgy design, with an ultra-modern rounded shape, illuminated for equal aesthetic and gastronomic appeal. “The simple act of placing food on the plates or pouring liquid into the bowl triggers sensory stimuli and causes them to react,” according to Philips Design. Three design concepts, all part of the bone china series – the Lunar Eclipse bowl, the Fama tray and the Bocado de Luz serving plate – will inspire your own original culinary creations, and hopefully will transform your perception of the food experience. For more information visit Philips Design.



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