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Design Shower Enclosure – glass enclosures Studio Paris by Hueppe

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and spa-inspired serenity, with this chic design shower enclosures by Hueppe. Studio Paris is a collection of glass shower enclosures, customizable both in terms of look and layout. Whether your bathroom is large or small, with straightforward or irregular proportions, this shower enclosure will suit any space. Choose from a variety of motifs, or create your own – a coat of arms, your initials, a logo or your favorite graphics – which are sandblasted into the glass. A clear glass enclosure with a sandblasted pattern offers a barely-there appeal, or you can go the negative route and have a sandblasted background with a clear glass pattern, which is nice if you like a little more privacy when singing in the shower. Tinted glass is also available, allowing you to express your style and creativity with a custom-made design. More information is available at Hueppe.



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