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Decorative Tubs for Formal Bathrooms – new Nina tub by Gruppo Treesse

Nina – the decadent, decorative tubs design by Italian company Treesse – makes modern art of the bathtub. This contemporary tub is pictured in the Cross motif, featuring a dramatic jet-black background with a sparkling star streaking across its exterior. Ideal for formal bathrooms, this particular style brings a touch of luxury to your spa-inspired space. If your tastes trend toward the lighthearted, the funky, the fashionable, this cool piece is available in a range of colors including your classic black and white options in addition to bright red and hot pink. Decorative patterns adorn the exteriors with flowers, leaves and abstract accents. Gently curved contours, a wide back rest and a deep design bring the ultimate in comfort to style. Check out these formal decorative tubs at Gruppo Treesse.



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