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Freestanding Bathtub from Gruppo Treesse – Epoca One Top in a wooden embrace

The freestanding bathtub Epoca One Top is set apart from the rest by its fabulous wooden frame. The classic sweeping shape of the pure white tub is complemented by a dark wood that makes it easy to climb into. Elegant and approachable, the wooden step up to the deep, cozy bathtub means that it is accessible even to children, or those with mobility problems. When you don’t need the step, you can also tuck it neatly away. The striking frame also holds the tub aloft, giving it pride of position in the bathroom. You can choose how to interpret the Epoca One Top in your bathroom design – it suits traditional interiors and modern ones equally well! Bring the style of this freestanding tub home – contact Gruppo Treesse for more information.
Prefer a Gruppo Treesse free standing classic tub without the frame? You’ll adore the uncomplicated lines of Nina.



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