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Decorative Floral Tile from Rako will add buoyant blooms to your bathroom

Rako floral tiles Botanica
There is no need for plain white bathroom walls ever again with the decorative Botanica tiles from Rako! Like the contemporary concept of wallpapering, here you can apply a row of printed tiles here and there to add colour and interest, rather than choosing an all over pattern. The Botanica tiles are unarguably beautiful; a spirited floral print dominates the collection of tile products. The tiles have a lighthearted, retro appeal, but with their silver glints and subtle colour scheme they are something altogether more modern. There is also a classic striped tile to complement the look by carrying it forward in an unobtrusive manner. Contact Rako to learn more about their complete sets of wall and floor tiles.
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Rako tiles Botanica around the tub

Rako tiles Botanica outline vanity


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