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Decorating with Lavender Color Walls

For a fresh, elegant and special vibe, consider decorating with lavender color walls, like in this example. Designed by Eve Robinson Associates, this kitchen and dining room are something to appreciate. Purple on the walls is a courageous choice, but light and slightly dulled shades, such as these lavender colors are really soft and calming but still remain captivating. Purple shades have been historically associated with royalty and occasion, making it a good choice for the dining room since it is a room where people gather together for special events (even if it’s just a regular Wednesday night dinner). The color scheme is cool and incorporates lots of white, some silver and grey – so the spaces feel open and big. But you can count on that gorgeous wooden floor to bring in the warmth. And notice how that light green laptop table fits perfectly with lavender. The rooms have a fundamental traditional element to them but the layered details make them romantically modern. Love the bar stools at the kitchen island. For more decorating examples in this home, visit Eve Robinson Associates Inc.



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