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Decorating with Cement Tiles on Walls and Floors Leads to Beautiful Results

Decorating with cement tiles on floors and walls certainly leads to beautiful results. This one is in a two-storey apartment, created by Widawscy Studio Architektury. What a unique way to mix cement tiles. The geometric designs really lead the eyes around. Such bright decorative patterns in combination with the black wall creates an outstanding contrast. The hand-made cement tiles announce the playfulness of the home as soon as you open the door. They cover entry hallway floor, looking like a patchwork quilt. And notice on the stair wall, how the solid yellow tile picks up the color of the kitchen chairs. Many of the accents in this two-storey apartment are yellow, and the sunny tiles help link them together. And how about those LED stair lights at the bottom of the risers? We bet they cast a beautiful glow on the stair wall at night. Is there a wall (or floor) in your home just waiting for cement tiles?

Via: HomeDSGN


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