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Decorating with Black Walls

It’s common for people to be afraid of decorating with black walls. Black can make such a bold statement – it’s dark and usually not associated with feelings of comfort. But by looking at these examples here we can see how wonderful it can be. It can be just as cozy as it can be glamorous or quite modern too, which means it can be adapted to many different interior styles as well. Generally, if you are going to be brave and introduce black to the walls, you may want to consider contrast in order to avoid suffocating the space. One good way is to keep the ceilings white. As a general rule, light colors on top creates the illusion of height and space. Or as seen in some examples here, paint the wall black only part way and then continue it in white like the ceiling. This gives the same effect. A black accent wall can appear to be pushed back compared to its surroundings, similarly giving the illusion of depth and space. Another way to provide contrast is using furniture and soft furnishings or accessories. Or even with trim and moulding. And it doesn’t only have to be with white either – you can be colorful with black too. Colors really pop against black. To soften up the wall, consider texture. For example, a black wood panel wall has a different feeling than a smooth solid black wall. Some black tiles and wallpapers can be quite glamorous too. Overall, depending on what you are trying to achieve in your space, black walls can make a big difference when decorating for a unique atmosphere.

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