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Black Is Coming Back with a Vengeance as the IT Color for 2018

Black has always been an excellent color to decorate with as it is neutral and plays well with any theme and palette. However, many homeowners tend to be intimated by the color because of how rich and bold it is. It is not a shy away from color instead it is elegant and powerful without being in your face.

As the 2018 interior design trends are quickly being revealed, we have come to the conclusion that black is coming back with a vengeance and it is the IT color for 2018. The color black is being used beyond furniture items this 2018. In fact, it will be incorporated into the home in multiple unique ways. Here are a few ways black will be incorporated into the home this 2018.

Black Walls

If you do not want to paint every wall black consider painting one as an accent wall instead

Do not be afraid of black walls. Even though black walls can seem a bit intimidating, they are a powerful and elegant statement. When black walls are paired with dark wood floors it can give you the powerful canvas you seek. A misconception around having dark walls is that it will make the room appear smaller. This is not entirely true when paired with light colors the contrast can help enhance the appearance of the room.

Black Artwork

A black art piece just brings everything together in the space while providing an eye catching focal point

Artwork that incorporates the color black in a heavy manner is an excellent way to give your home the boldness of having a black piece without being too heavy on black. This can be done with art pieces around the home that have a lot of black included in them or by hanging art work with thick black frames.

Black Chandeliers

Black chandeliers come in different shapes and styles. Consider an intricate design to add texture to a room

Chandeliers have always been a staple of beauty and elegance in any home. Having a black chandelier instead of white adds a touch of edge to the space that it is placed in. It is also an excellent want to bring a focal point into a room that is normally filled with light or bright colors.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets that are black work great to emphasize any other colors in the kitchen space

Black doesn’t need to be limited to only the living room or bedroom areas. It can be a complimentary color for your kitchen space as well. Black cabinets are a beautiful addition to any kitchen as they give an upscale contemporary look. It also helps add elegance to the space without having to add extra pieces.

Black Floors for Drama

Help bring your entire color scheme together with black floors. Consider having black furniture pieces throughout the home to help pull the colors together

Floors can be stained or inked in order to get the rich effect of black floors or you may want to consider having dark cherry wood floors. Having black or very dark floors is an excellent way to create contrast in a room. Pair your dark floors with lively colors such as whites, pinks, and grays for an updated and modern look.

Combine Black Tones Together

A hint of blue paint in black paint can help bring a dimensional aspect to your walls as the wall will appear a different color depending on the lighting

If you are not completely sold on the idea of having pitch black walls. Add a tad bit of navy blue paint to the black paint to create a midnight blue tone that is still trendy while being multidimensional in different lightings.

Black Accessories

Accessories that are black combined with bold tones will enhance and revamp the space

Black accessories are the best way to incorporate rich black tones without changing your current décor. Pair the accessories with bold colors or white for a beautiful contrast that works well together.

Black Curtains

Curtains with a pattern help bring eye catching beauty to any space they are placed in. Add bold tone accessories for a pop of color where you need it

Every interior designer knows when a room needs a bold color that does not interfere with any of the current décor the key is to change the curtains in the room into black curtains. Black curtains make a statement while being understated all at the same time.  Choose patterned black curtains for an extra dose of boldness.

Black Patterned Sofa

Choose a sofa with a bold pattern like the one above to create a focal point that is easy to add bold tones too.

Your sofa doesn’t have to be one solid color to become a focal point in your living room. If you really want to bring focus to your sofa contemplate having a black patterned sofa instead. Mixing and matching black patterns in your living room is an excellent way to keep the color scheme the same while adding a twist.

Black Wallpaper

A matte black wallpaper with shiny black aspects helps create texture without changing the black color scheme or adding an additional color

Black wallpaper adds eye catching attention anywhere it is placed. It adds a pop of interest behind furniture or counter tops. This is an excellent way to incorporate pattern into your kitchen or bathroom space. Pair bold tones in the room such as yellow or red or even aqua blue for an enhanced look.

Black Fireplace

A black fireplace combined with black accessories can cause the space to appear larger as there are multiple different focal points

Transform your fireplace by giving it a few coats of black paint. When your fireplace is placed in a white or neutral space it will immediately become the focal point. Therefore, giving it a fresh coat or two of black paint will provide the focal aspect you seek.

Black and White Stripes

White and black stripes help elongate the space when they are painted vertically

Black and white stripes are another interior designer trick. Adding black and white stripes to a wall or décor aspect expands the room while creating an easy contrast that is not only easy to maintain but it is also easy to add too.

When it comes to the 2018 trends black is sure to be at the top of the list. We want to know your take on the color black as a prime color for your home. Let us know your thoughts below.





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