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New Decorating Trends That Are Totally Worth Trying In 2018

The great thing about a new year is that new trends and new ideas can be incorporated into the home for an easy revamp. With so many different trends merging on the scene it can be hard to decide which ones are actually worth investing time and money in. We have rounded up the ones worth trying this 2018 to help you with your selection.

Heavy Metal

Metallics work well in a kitchen because they add color and texture in a big way. They work well with any color scheme and will make the space appear larger, the idea is to use cohesive metallics in the room you select. Pair it in a room with bold hues and vivid decor to complete the trend. 

Mixing in metallic elements into your home décor is all the rage this year, especially when it comes to the kitchen area. Metallics are being incorporated into the kitchen space because they add a crisp freshness that is difficult to recreate without them.

Creative Tiling

Creative tiling works great in the bathroom because it allows you to construct a space that is personally yours with your ideas. It’s not about creating a space that just feels like home its about creating a space that will scream YOU as soon as your guests entire.

Tiles have always been a big part of interior designing from having them as a display in the kitchen to showcasing them in the bathroom, the tiling concept is now taking a different direction and getting creative. Choose tiles with designs and colors that stand out and make a statement.

Modern Farmhouse

It feels like a contemporary home but looks like a farmhouse creating the perfect mashup between the two. The idea is to create a farmhouse space that is still trendy in its own way. Adding wood elements in contemporary spaces will create the farmhouse vibe.

One décor theme that is expanding to this new year is farmhouse décor but with a modern twist. The twist being, instead of only using farmhouse pieces, consider using modern elements that will brighten and give the room a bit of character.

Gender Neutral Nurseries

Gender neutral is perfect when you want to decorate your nursery without adding bold hues. This is trending at the moment as more parents come to the conclusion of not finding out the sex of the baby until it is born. Along with wanting a nursery that includes decorative pieces from other rooms in the home.

Gender neutral nurseries are becoming a big deal this year. The nurseries are going to be less gender, color coordinated and more geared towards the parent’s personal decorating style. The idea is to have the nursery feel a part of the homes décor.

Hello Lavender

Think outside of the box when it comes to using the color lavender. The idea is to add a shabby chic feel anywhere in the home including the bathroom. The color is so trendy it works everywhere in the home with little to no effort. If you really want to make a bold move consider using it as the main color in the room.

Move over millennial pink there’s a new hue in town. Pink is quickly transforming into a gorgeous shade of lavender that works everywhere in the home. It’s in the same soft tone color palette, but with a hint of something a bit richer and even bolder than the color pink which is perfect when you want a soft palette that packs a punch.

Circle Patterns

Circle patterns are coming in strong this year because of how bold they are. They are bold with a hint of intricacy all at once. Place it around the home as a wallpaper or as part of your decor in small doses. Use monotone hues for the best outcome in the space. 

Patterns are always in regardless of the reason or the season. However, this year circle patterns are the one taking over the scene. Circle patterns draw attention which is exactly what you want when you want to create visual appeal in the room. Pair them off neutrals for the best outcome.

Tone on Tone

Using the same tone in a home repeatedly may seem like a terrible idea. However, this year we are seeing it as an intricate twist on traditional decor. The idea is to give the space a seamless feel while being trendy and chic. Choose gem tones and darker hues for the best outcome.

We love the idea of pairing your wall color to your furniture. Especially if the color is bold and in charge, there is something intricate and daring about doing so. The idea is to have the wall create a perfect seamless factor throughout the room.

Brass Accents

Brass accents are great because they work well in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen and any area of the home. Pair it with bold hues for the perfect outcome. It will make the space appear put together and trendy all at once. You can also add accent hues that work with the metallic elements.

We are moving away from the traditional silver hues and we are moving forward with brass gold instead. The color is rich and bold while still being a versatile metallic. The nice contrast between your traditional shades and the brass metallics will work exceptionally well in the home.

A Different Palette

Don’t be afraid of adding a feminine touch to any space in your home. Pairing a feminine touch with masculine features will make the room feel more well rounded and put together. There is something about working two different features together into one space.

This year we will be seeing the use of sleek shades, perfectly paired with marble and rose gold metallics. The idea is to create a different palette of hues while using colors that work well together and apart this created the different palette we are working towards.

Agate Wallpaper

Agate is so intricate because there is never two designs alike. This makes agate completely unique every time it is used in any room. The color palette it comes in also works well because of the pattern the stone wallpaper naturally creates. Pair it with bold hues for the best outcome.

We touched on this a bit on our last post on “best wallpapers for your dining room,” agate wallpaper will be taking cover wallpaper designs extremely quickly. The uniqueness of this wallpaper makes it one of a kind and easy to work into the space. It is perfect when color and texture are needed for a bold statement that pairs well with colors and hues you may already have worked into the space.

Warm Hues

Warm hues are coming back with a vengeance to completely redesign the way warm tones are thought of when it comes to home decor. Work warm hues into your decor by using statement pieces in bold hues or you can even use warm tones as part of the wall paint for a statement. 

In the past individuals would always gravitate towards cool tones this is changing this year. Warm hues will be the colors of the year. There will be more shades of red, orange, yellow and green worked into the home for all areas. Work in warm hues in rooms that are filled with cool tones that need a little bit of an upgrade.

These trends are here to stay, and we are absolutely loving them. Which of these will you be trying in your home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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