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Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Feel Smaller

Did you know that most homeowners will feel that their home is the wrong size for them at least 3 times a year? Although they could be due to the square footage of the home the primary reason happens to be the way the home is decorated. The way your home is decorated can make a huge difference in the appearance of the home. In fact, 85% of individuals are currently making their home appear smaller right now! In order to change that we have put together a list of 10 decorating mistakes that you could be making that make your home feel smaller.

Extremely Large Sofa

As you can see although the living room is large it appears smaller because of how big the sofa is. If the sofa in this particular living room would’ve been smaller and paired with accent chairs the living room would appear a lot bigger. The idea is to have items that accentuate the space as much as possible.

The very first item you may purchase for your living room could be your sofa. The sofa tends to be a statement piece in every living room. However, the wrong sofa could make your living room appear a lot smaller than it actually is. Instead of having an extremely large sofa, consider having a smaller sofa along with a love seat or a small sofa with a statement chair. Doing so will give the room the sofa aspect while not shrinking the footage of the room.

Not Having a Rug

As you can see not having a rug in the living room makes the room seem incomplete. Having a rug just brings everything together. There is something very cozy and welcoming about having a rug be part of the center of your living room. Consider a patterned rug for the best outcome.

A rug may seem like the last item you may want to add into a living room because sometimes there may be no space of you do not know if a rug will work well with your decorative furniture. However, not having a rug will make your eyes move directly towards the size of a room. Meanwhile, adding a centered rug in a neutral tone will help expand the look and feel of the room.

Having Clutter

Although this space may seem like it is not cluttered as you do not see many items. However, what makes this space appear cluttered at a glance is the use of numerous different patterns in a diverse amount of colors. Instead of using multiple different patterns stick to one that you really like and work around it with colors that are already part of the pattern.

Instead of having too many items in one single space. Consider distributing the items and leaving walkable space. You also want to stand away from the room in a corner to fully see the space from all angles if you cannot see all angles of a room there is huge chance that the space is cluttered.

Not Enough Lighting

Lighting is important in all areas of the home. Furthermore, the lighting you use can make any room appear larger or smaller than it really is. Therefore, not using the correct amount of lighting followed by using little to no lighting will make the room appear smaller.

Not having enough light in a room will make the room appear smaller than it is. The more light there is, the better. Therefore, you want to have a well-lit room in all areas of your home. This can be done by having a chandelier and other lighting fixtures throughout the entire home.

Choose Your Wall Colors Wisely

We love the idea of dark walls. However, when it comes to dark walls you want to be extremely strategic with the way you decorate arround them. The reason being dark walls will shrink a space meanwhile, light tones reflect light. Keeping that in mind you want to combine your dark walls with light decor for a contrast that works on expanding a room.

The color of your walls plays a huge role in the appearance of your home as well as what decorative items you will use. That is when choosing your wall colors wisely will come in handy. The wrong color on your walls such as an extremely dark shade in a small room can make the room feel and look even smaller. If you want a deep shade on your walls, consider having an accent wall instead. This will give you the color effect you seek without making the room appear smaller or crowded.

Too Much Matching

Nevertheless, a monochromatic palette is beautiful. However, with this type of palette, there is little to no room to incorporate your personality. Therefore, you want to add color to the space. Color will not only add hints of your personality but it will also add an expanding effect on the room.

Not everything in your home needs to match. This is something quite common when it comes to home décor. Instead of matching everything to each other and using one solid color in the home. Take a color scheme and select different shades of the color you select. This will help you have one consist shade per room which will expand the space all at once.

Not Using Mirrors

Having dark colors combined with no mirrors in the room. Makes the room appear stuffy and unwelcoming. This is mainly due to the lack of light. Which is where having mirrors will come in handy. Mirrors bring in light therefore just having a few in the room will make the space appear approachable and open.

Mirrors are great because they help bring light into a room. Therefore, the more-light a room has the larger it will appear. Not using enough mirrors or a large enough mirror in any room not give you the expanding feel that you may want and need.

Not Having Patterns

Every single room in a home can benefit of having patterned items. In fact, patterns bring everything together with color and texture. However, not having any pattern will cause the space to appear monotone and missing something. Have a few patterns of the same color scheme for the best results.

Most individuals are afraid of using patterns because they are scared of overusing them or not using the right kind of pattern in their home. However, patterns are great. They bring a focal point to the room and add beauty all at once. When a room has a focal point, it will appear larger and more put together.

Less Isn’t Always More

Having fewer items in your living room isn’t always the best route to go. Although, a minimalist home design is trendy and we personally love it. You want to have items that are functional and will make the space feel cozy. However, with little to no items the room feels empty and impersonal.

We all have the idea in our minds that the fewer items in a room the larger the room will appear. However, if you use the least amount, of decorative items in a room the room will appear empty and impersonal. Instead of having the least amount, of items in a room, consider having items that make sense to the space and add to the décor.

Don’t Be Afraid of Curtains

Curtains are fresh, modern, and have a vintage feel. However, not having them makes the room feel a bit empty. We recommend having lightweight curtains that enhance the room without making it feel heavy. You can also choose to do this with neutral hues.

Curtains are a very underrated decorative item. In fact, many homeowners do not use them. However, they can make a world of a difference in a room. Choose lighter curtains that enhance and add light to a room is the way to go. Stay away from heavy drapes as much as you can.

To conclude, regardless of the size of your home if you do any of these decorative mistakes you could be making it appear smaller than what it is. Which of these mistakes are you making in your home right now? Let us know in the comments below.


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