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Trendy Ideas for Small Living Room Space

Your living room regardless of the space should feel inviting and welcoming to your guests. Nevertheless, having a small living room space can make you feel as if you do not have the space you need to decorate it the way you would like. We happen to disagree! Even if you have a small living room space you can great the perfect room for you and your needs. Here are trendy ideas for your small living room that you will make it look and feel more spacious.

Use Neutral Colors

When we think of neutral tone we may think of “boring or very conventional”. However, neutral tones can also be fun when you add stripes or even pastel soft tones. Adding pastel colors will bring out the softness that neutral tones naturally have. 

As much as we love bold pieces in a room, having a neutral palette works best in a small space. The reason behind this is neutral colors bring light and attract light. A décor palette of whites, off-whites, and beige, will bounce off from the wall and give an expanding effect.

Long, Flowy Drapes Are Best

Neutral drapes are an excellent addition to any room especially if they have a pattern. A pattern on a neutral canvas brings out the beauty that there is in the space. You can even have multiple different types of pattern in the room especially if they are neutral.

Long, flowy drapes have come back on trend and we should take advantage. Having blinds can take up space and make the room appear dull or dark. Replace them with long, flowy drapes instead. Long drapes that are flowy help elongate and expand the size of a room instantly. It also draws outward attention which is also a way to make the room appear larger. Purchase drapes that have a print or are patterned for the best outcome.

Pattern Rug

In a small living room, a patterned rug can bring visual appeal to the room without having to add another furniture item into the room. Consider having a patterned rug in a neutral tone as it will be easier to pair in the space. It will also help make the room appear larger as your eyes will focus outward instead of inward.

Adding pattern may seem like the contrary thing to do, as the pattern is known for being a bold and even distracting, which can cause the space to appear smaller but it’s quite the opposite. Having a patterned rug can bring life into a neutral space. Not only that, but it will make the space feel warm and personable while still having visual appeal. The visual appeal can make the room appear larger.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors add to the space instead which is perfect when you are working with a small living room. Having mirrors in different sizes makes the room appear not only larger but also interesting as the mirrors have now become a unique design.

We have expressed time and time again the beauty of having mirrors in a home. They are essential in any space that needs to look larger. Mirrors bring light and light makes a room appear twice its size with a small living room this is exactly what you want. Add mirrors in dark corners to remove shadows.

Lightweight Furniture

A small space does not mean you can not have the furniture you desire it means you need to be smart about what you have. Having one large sofa instead of having multiple different sofas is best. Also, consider having your sofas face your window for a unique twist.

When you are shopping for furniture for your small living room space, consider the weight of your furniture. What this means is you want to keep in mind the size, color, and feel of the furniture you purchase. The smaller your living room space is the more lightweight you want your furniture to be. Consider having furniture that makes the room feel warm yet not cluttered. You do not want any clutter in a small room this will cause the room to feel smaller.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are great in a small bedroom as they give a hint of color without being overbearing. They are also excellent when you want to bring visual appeal to a small room and still have the softness and elegance of having a neutral space.

If you want to add color into your small living space pastel tones is the best way to go. They add color without being overwhelming. Not only that, but they work well with light tones as well as dark and rich colors. Add pastel pink, blue, or even yellow for a pop of color that’s soft and elegant.

Glass Coffee Table

Glass tables are great they are lightweight and help expand the space. They also work best in a room where they get to be the main attraction in the room. Pair it with soft tones for a soft look without an edge. To add an edgy feel pair your glass table with dark tones for the best results.

Coffee tables are pretty much necessary for every living room they add an extra layer of furniture while still being a necessity. Glass coffee tables will be less visual than wooden ones which will make the space look wider and richer without the dark tones of wood. This creates a full rounded look by simply using a glass piece of furniture.

Lots of Lights

Lighting in a small room can make a huge difference. You can choose an intricate chandelier or even a visual light fixture that gives the room not only amazing lighting but an edgy feel as well. There is something very modern about having a light fixture that is out of the norm.

Lighting is important in any room that you are decorating. The least amount of lights you use the darker and warmer the room will feel. With a small space, you want to have as much lighting as possible in order to create a space that’s airy. The creation of an airy space helps make the room feel bigger than it is.

Wall Artwork

You can choose to have one small piece or even one very large piece in your living room. Or consider having different pieces placed on a wall in your living room that needs that visual appeal you seek.

Including artwork on your walls helps turn the focus onto the walls of a room instead of focusing on the size of the room. Think about the wall artwork as the focal points of the room. You want to incorporate medium to large pieces. Having these pieces will help make the room feel larger and more spacey.

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are meant to be bold. Their job is to bring in color and add a layer of freshness to any room which is why we love them. We love the idea of having a chair that will bring the entire look together. Add a pattern cushion to complete the look.

Having a bold accent chair will also provide the room with an expansive feel. Accent chairs are known for drawing attention towards them in a small space this will be a very positive feature. Have the accent chair near your neutral sofa for an unbeatable contrast.

Having a small space does not mean you cannot have the decorative pieces you have always wanted. It simply means you need to adjust how these pieces are laid out. How will you be decorating your small living room? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


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