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Decorating an Industrial Loft with Interesting Elements

Decorating an industrial loft must be a lot of fun, and this industrial style TriBeCa Loft by Fearon Hay Architects has a ton of interesting elements to examine. I have to admit that I am totally smitten with this place. The ceilings are 3.5 meters high and when planning began, it was just one big open space. The designers decided to incorporate some glazed volumes in the center of the space which would house associated service rooms and functions. This way the rest of the space could remain unobstructed and the panoramic windows would be allowed to show off their glory. Another interesting element is the use of ceiling hung curtains to separate or join spaces as need be. The lighting scheme is also fabulous. Mostly comprised of mouth blown pendant lights hung throughout the space, they work to accentuate and equally define areas while providing necessary light as well as being attractive pieces that enhance the decor. How about that elevated sleeping area? Or the kitchen! Definitely my favorite part of the whole space – I’m just in love with this kitchen. It’s industrial, it’s chic, it’s masculine and modern, and parts of it can be hidden away when not in use. What other interesting features do you see?
via DesignFolio.



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