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Fun DéCor Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home

Luck can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we feel lucky and sometimes we are wondering where all of our luck has gone. Sometimes we have to create luck around us ourselves. In fact, we can create luck right in our home by simply rearrange our décor or adding pieces that will benefit us. Adding a little bit of luck to your life and home has never been easier. Here are a few fun and trendy ways to bring good luck into your home while updating your décor.

Colors Are a Big Deal

red door Fun DéCor Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home
Don’t just paint the indoor of your home’s door red, paint the outside as well. It is said that if the outdoor door is red it will keep the bad vibes far away from the home. Consider a bright red for the best results and an interesting contrast to the rest of your home.

When it comes to bringing luck into your home the colors you use can make the biggest impact. In Feng Shui, the North facing door in your home should be painted in blue or black paint. Meanwhile, South facing doors in your home should be painted in red or orange, east facing doors should be brown or green and west facing doors in gray or white. Changing your doors to match these colors will help bring the good luck you need right into your home.

Fresh Flowers Are a Must

bold colored flowers Fun DéCor Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home
Place neutral colored flowers that match your decor for a touch of good luck that is seamless. Or consider using bold colors for a touch of powerful shades that enhance your space. Flowers that are purple, yellow, and/or pink create the best atmosphere.

Not only are fresh flowers, beautiful to have in your home, but having nature be part of your décor adds a sense of relaxation and well-being. This is an excellent way of bringing money and good luck into the home space. Place them on the windowsill in a crystal vase for the best results.

Rearrange Your Furniture

For a grander appeal in your circular arranged living add a pattern. Pattern added into a circular layout will give you a boldness that is hard to replicate without having a pattern detail in the space. Consider using one pattern for the ultimate effect. 

The way your furniture is laid out can make a huge difference in the way good luck is coming into the home. Rearranging your furniture is not only a great way of promoting good luck, it is an excellent way of discovering fun new ways of decorating your home. Your living room should be arranged in a circular form for great energy flow. Meanwhile, your bedroom should be arranged in a manner where your back faces the door when you are about to relax.

Charming Elephants

The great aspect about decorating with elephant decor is that it goes well with any theme. You can include an elephant sculpture in your backyard or your bathroom or in a nursery. The options are endless. 

Elephants are a huge symbol of good luck in multiple different cultures. Have diverse different size elephants around the home. Elephant sculptures come in multiple different colors. Therefore, it adds color to the décor you may already have. Consider them little good luck charms that are also cute to have.

Decorate with Bamboo

Bamboo trees come in multiple different sizes and shapes which is excellent as it allows you to have numerous options. Consider having an intricate design bamboo as part of your living room decor. Having one that is intricate in design allows you have a natural focal point.

When it comes to decorating with plants, bamboo is your best option. It is easy to maintain and even easier to have in the home. Also, let’s not forget they are lucky plants to have. It is said to bring luck, productivity and prosperity anywhere it is placed. Place a bamboo plant in your home for a touch of freshness anywhere you need it.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Again

A declutter space doesn’t mean a boring or less decorated home it means everything is well organized and exactly where it should be. It also allows for energy to flow where it needs to go every time. The more decluttered your home is the easier it will be for you to find areas where you can place small trinkets of good luck.

One of the easiest and best ways of bringing luck into your space is by removing all the items that no longer serve you any purpose. The idea is to have the space as clean and free of a mess as possible so that positive energy can come through. The more space, energy has to cycle through the better luck you will attract.

Blue Please

Blue decor adds a beachy vibe to the home which is always beautiful and warm. Match your blue decor with dark furniture to help it stand out that much more. White also works great when you are giving blue the main spotlight. If not choose smaller objects in the color blue instead.

The color blue is considered a lucky color. In fact, many individuals will argue that wearing the color blue can make them have a better and luckier day. The same goes for your home. Paint a wall a shade of blue or add blue accessories that enhance your décor.

Running Water is Always Great

If you do not want to purchase a water fountain consider having a large basket instead. As long as you have running water inside or outside of your home the effects will be the very same. The idea is to have everything running smoothly when it comes to water.

Running water is said to help energy flow. It is also said to bring those good energies exactly where they need to be Therefore, you want to add a few water fountains in your home. Keep a portable water fountain outside your home and bring it inside during the winter.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Take multiple different mirrors and place them in an intricate display for the best effect. You can even create a design that is custom to you and your current decor. Having mirrors clustered together can give you the same effect as if you only had one. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a cluster of mirrors. 

Here at Trendier, we love mirrors and how much of a stable, they are in very trend. They did not disappoint when it comes to bringing luck to a home. Place rectangle or square mirrors around your home. However, when you are placing them, place them 4-5 feet above ground this will maintain the energy in a positive direction.


Get creative with your horseshoe design. The idea is horseshoes are easy to decorate with while still bringing luck and positivity into the home. The more luck you have in the home the better. Therefore, a horseshoe chandelier is never a bad idea.

Horseshoes have always been a symbol of luck and when it comes to your home there are no exceptions. Add a horseshoe at the entrance of your home to keep the bad vibes outdoors and never let it come indoors. Also, consider decorating with horseshoes for an extra boost of good luck.

Which of these lucky ideas is your favorite? Let us know below if you have any lucky decorating tips and tricks that we can try.



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