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Dark Room’s Are Trending- Here’s How To Achieve The Perfect Tranquil Space

The cooler the weather becomes the more attractive a dark room tends to be. Furthermore, believe it or not, dark rooms make excellent relaxing spaces. There’s something about them that provides a sense of tranquility. Deep, rich reds, rough grays, and luxurious navies are always fantastic ideas, but not everyone knows how to incorporate such rich hues. With that being said, here are easy ways to achieve a tranquil dark room.

Dramatic Reds

If you don’t want to bring too many shades of red, place it here and there to make the room feel grand and sleek. It’s the perfect way to create a contrast.

For some serious, sensual vibe bringing multiple shades of red. Red is one of those hues that’s not only sensual, but it makes a bold statement. The key is working with the color and blending it in beautifully. Use a red wallpaper and make it the main focus of the room, then pair it with other red elements to embrace that bold appeal red items tend to make.

Stylish Layers

The more you layer the room, the more character and appeal the room will have. It’s all about creating a stylish room that’s dark and sleek.

Whether you use lighter hues to create a contrast or you stick to dark ones. The idea is to layer textures, colors and appeal to make the room feel sleek and grand. Furthermore, you want to bring layers and textures to create a contrasting touch that makes the room come to life. It’s all about creating an approachable feel that expands the room’s character.

Earth Tones

Bringing earth tones will make the room have a comfortable feel that isn’t too dark. It’s all about bringing a contrast that is chic.

Even if earth tones aren’t your thing, incorporating them into your decor makes a dark room have a powerful appeal. Known for being full of character earth tones work due to how expansive they feel. Though they make the room feel richer they aren’t as darkening as other hues allowing you to embrace the entire room while creating a soft contrast.

Sophisticated Black

For a sophisticated black edge, use multiple shades of black and have them displayed seamlessly throughout.

When it comes to creating and embracing dark rooms black is one of those shades that makes everything better. Sophisticated black walls are perfect for those that want to make any room have a luxury feel without having to go overboard. It’s all about making a statement while embracing the rooms natural size and approach. Pair it with light hues to give the room a more subtle approach.

Go Big

Even in a dark room, going as bold as possible is perfect for those that want to make the room feel grand and new. Work with bold orange shades to give it that sleek grand twist.

Take one dark, rich hue and completely embrace it. It’s all about making the room feel as if it is one. The idea is to make the room have a colorful approach without taking away from the room’s aesthetic. Furthermore, use a colorful hint such as navy, emerald green, or even orange and place it throughout the room overall. It’s about taking the room to the next level and falling in love with having a minimal color palette.

Dark Gray

Dark gray is perfect for a calming effect as it makes the room feel new and sleek. Furthermore, it creates a hint of tranquility that oozes throughout.

If you want to bring darkness into a room, without using hues of black, gray is the shade to use. However, not just any shade of gray, but the luxurious, darker shade. You want to create contrast by making the room feel new and fresh. Moreover, having dark hues of gray will create a softer spin on using such dark shades such as black.

Welcoming Navy

The darker the shade of navy, the bigger the contrast it will be. Work with rich hues that make the room feel grand and new

Bringing in navy walls is perfect for those that want to use a well expansive feel, but without taking away from the rooms approach. The idea is to expand on the approach of having a dark area without overwhelming the room. Once a room becomes overwhelmed with dark hues it can become a bit too much.

Touch of Floral

Your flowers do not need to be dark they simply need to be light enough to create a contrasting, bold effect that makes the room feel chic and engaging

Who knew floral bits would work in a dark room? We did! Floral works due to having the ability to maximize the room’s approach. The key is working with large floral touches that fully embrace the room. Whether you use it as part of your wallpaper, bring flowers displayed throughout, or work both of them in. Doing so will enhance the appeal of the room, by bringing a feminine twist, that is still dark and edgy. The perfect contrast between feminine and masculine energy.

Quilted Accent

Bring a quilted approach to the room for a grand approach that makes the room come to life overall. It’s a contrast that works beautifully

To boost texture and character to a minimal room bring in a quilted accent. Having a quilted touch not only makes the room feel new and sleek, but it adds a 3D illusion. You can almost say the room has a new appeal to it. It’s the perfect way to take the room to another level without breaking the way your decor is already set up.

Blend them Together

Blending the hues will make the room feel grand and new. It will also create a new vibe that’s modern and chic.

When it comes to having a darkroom, sometimes you need to work two, or more shades at a time. All about creating a space that is multidimensional, with a contrast of colors that blend well together and apart. Work with darker shades of gray, green, black, red or even navy. It’s all about creating a space that is unique to you and what you want the room to appear.

Are you a fan of dark rooms? If so, what decorating hacks do you need to have in that room? Share with us below.


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