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Dacor 24″ Coffee System – built-in and customizable

dacor coffee system cm24p Dacor 24 Coffee System   built in and customizable
The Dacor 24″ Coffee System is an upscale coffee machine packed with convenient features. The CM24P (as shown) is a slick contemporary looking coffee brewing unit that is:
– built-in… to give your kitchen a very modern look
– plumbed… so you won’t have to refill a water tank
– adjustable… for the dispenser height allowing for 5.5″ tall mugs
– adjustable… for the serving sizes
– programmable… a brewing software controls the mixing and temperature
– digital… prompts you to customize your coffee, cappuccino or espresso
– illuminated… serving area
The Dacor Coffee System would be a great addition to a modern kitchen where built-in appliances set the style. CM24P measures 23 1/2″W x 18 3/16″H x 21 9/16″Deep. Dacor



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