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Customizable Chairs by Donati: The “develop your chair” project

Italian furniture company Donati is taking cool, contemporary and customizable furniture to the next level. We’ve all been there: wandering the furniture stores in search of that “perfect” piece, and the disappointment of leaving empty-handed, unable to find the one that matches your vision. Well, put your “designer” hats on – Donati offers this cool custom chair concept that lets you create it just the way you want it! Marcello Ziliani is the man behind Unica: the “develop your chair” project, which allows the user to choose all the individual elements to create the ideal seat suited to his style, function and comfort level. Select from a collection of different bases (legs, wheels, barstool and even bench-style bases, in white, wood or steel) and backrests. The modules all work together, so even a novice can feel confident in his design. And adding another element of customization into the mix, you can even choose the pattern for the backrest. Too cool! While each different, these chairs still have an aesthetic continuity that lets you mix and match styles without clashing and cluttering the look of your home. For more on the Unica chairs, visit Donati.



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