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Crocotiles Tiles – ceramic tiles from Settecento

If you are looking for a way to add animation, and fierce individuality, to your bathroom decor, you can’t fail with the Crocotiles ceramic tiles from Settecento. The classic version of the tiles – the CrocoClassic – has a gorgeous metallic sheen which brings out the rich hues of the ceramic tiles. Opulent shades of gray, amaranth (burgundy), tortora (buff), brown and black lend the CrocoClassic tiles an exclusive air. Or if you prefer a more playful touch, there is the CrocoJoy range in zingy modern colours. Orange, lime green, lilac, blue and white are gorgeous fresh colours for those who want to keep up with the trends. If you want a look that balances the visual and tactile elements of the Crocotiles with something more subdued, there are also light and dark basic tiles to complement the look. Additionally, there are clever combination titles which feature, for example, a circle of textured Croctile on a contrasting plain tile to pull the look together. Bring the natural world into your home in a totally unexpected way… choose the Crocotiles ceramic tiles from Settecento.



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