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Cristina Rubinetterie Sandwich shower head – new electronic LED shower head

Cristina Rubinetterie has recently released the latest evolution of their fine Sandwich series of shower heads, Sandwich Chromotherapy. If you recall, the Sandwich is an exceptionally thin series of polished stainless steel shower heads, only 4mm thick and available in standard or custom shapes up to 120mm by 120mm, which are engineered to distribute water uniformly to the jets placed across the entire surface. The Sandwich Chromotherapy shower heads add a series of 96 LED elements around the rim under electronic control, which are able to reproduce the full spectrum of chromotherapeutic colors. A small control panel allows for a number of customized programs to achieve specific effects for mind and body rejuvenation. The Cristina Rubinettere Sandwich shower head also uses only 2.1 gallons per minute at as little as 8psi for a satisfying, and enlightening shower experience. Cristina Rubinetterie


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