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Chic & Creative kid bathroom ideas

Designing the perfect bathroom for your children can be all fun and games until you truly get to the nitty-gritty. To assemble a bathroom that looks playful, charming and creative while still being functional, you need to truly take note of what you want in the room and how it will affect the way your children will embrace it. There’s no better way to create a sustainable bathroom than going the chic and creative route. Here are a few ideas to help you create the ultimate chic and creative bathroom.

Fun Palette

The bolder the colors you use, the better it will appear in the room, giving you a sleek format that is still fun and bold.

There is nothing that draws the attention of a child quite like colors. Colors are an excellent way of getting your child to want to be in their bathroom more often. Consider a botanical-inspired shower and tub space and pair it with a charming wallpaper to complete the look overall. Use shades of blue to fully showcase the idea of having a soft, charming touch.


Color your shiplap to make the room have a little bit of zest to it. It’s the perfect spice to any room without taking away from it.

Shiplap is one of those materials that are easy to clean, work with and integrate into any decor. One of the biggest tips we can provide is to keep the accents of the room as neutral as minimal as possible while pairing it with bold flooring pieces. Having bold hues on the outside of your bathroom will instantly elevate the room.

Fun Wallpaper

Whatever your choice of wallpaper is, keep it fun and light while still incorporating other hues in the room.

As for choosing a wallpaper, consider going the fun route. Whether that be having a Disney princess showcased, a set of cars displayed, or even frogs that make your child giggle. You want to embrace the room overall an give it that innocence children are known to have. Furthermore, work your decor around that statement piece by allowing it to be the main focus.


Keep it sleek and chic by keeping a timeless approach. It’s all about keeping the room as authentic to its true self as possible.

If you have mainly girls in your family and they are a bit on the girly side, bring on a timeless touch. You want to go as feminine as possible without appearing as if the room was only designed for girls. It’s all about making the room have an endless feel, while still incorporating hues that will truly never run out of style. Pair with classic patterns and allow them to be the focus right when and where you need it most.

Matching Marble

The grander your marble approach the better it will appear in the room. Keep it chic and sleek for a contrast that still feels modern

Marble has always been a top contender when it comes to the bathroom. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to match marble throughout the room, for that seamless feel. When it comes to matching marble you want to match it with your wallpaper to enhance the room overall. It’s all about creating a well-blended space that makes the room come to life.


For that modern touch, make the room come to life by adding colorful stripes. Why keep it black and white when you can bring in color and appeal.

If you have a children’s bathroom that will be shared with multiple people in the home, consider bringing in stripes. Stripes not only add a multidimensional feel to the room, but they work exceptionally well, with every single decorating style. Furthermore, they add a colorful approach, making the room have a sleek hint.

Statement, Blue

To fully embrace having a statement blue hue, bring in a coastal touch for that seamless approach.

The color blue is one of those shades that work during any occasion. This time it’s all about having crisp white shades and engulfing the room with blue shades that truly enhance the room’s natural feel. If you have a smaller room, creating a statement with shades of blue will help enhance the size of the room overall. It’s one of the easiest ways to further showcase what the room has to offer.

Fun Neon

Bring in a pattern to truly embrace your neon touches that make the room have a crisp line.

Neon might seem to be too bright for many, but for others, it’s just what the room needs. A neon touch will not only enhance the room’s natural aesthetic, but it will enhance whatever neutrals you might already have. Whether you use neon pink, blue, green or yellow you want to keep the rest of the decor as minimal and simple as possible. Work with a neon wallpaper to truly make the room come to life. Not only will it be easier to clean, but the neon touch will remain bright the entire time.

Double Sink

Add a large sink to make the room feel as unison as possible without taking away from the room’s approach

If you have a few children sharing a bathroom, consider bringing in double sinks. Having double sinks will not only save you arguments between the kids, but it will save you time as well. You can get two kids doing bathroom duties at once without causing a commotion. Regardless, of your decor having a simple double sink will work every time.

Statement Tiling

Add mosaic tiles to bring a sleek approach that still has a modern, bit to it.

It comes without saying that tiles simply work in the bathroom, they ‘re almost a need in that area. With that being said, bring in new tiles and contrasts to truly make a statement that enhances the rooms appeal overall. It’s all about taking the bathroom to the next level, even if it’s your children’s bathroom. Additionally, tiles are easy to clean so that works for all.

When it comes to the kid’s bathroom, consider trying one or two of these tricks to enhance the room overall. Share with us your ideas below.


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