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Cozy Mountain Cabin can Open Up to the Elements

Located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy, the Jagdhaus Tamers is a cozy mountain cabin built entirely of wood. Designed by EM2 Architekten, the cabin has the special feature of a wall that can be opened up completely, exposing the home to the environment that surrounds it – and the stunning mountain viewscapes.. Built with minimal windows so that when it is empty it can be buttoned up and safe from curious wildlife, the home has a few long and linear windows and one large glazing that let the natural light in, but its not until the wall is opened up that the connection with the outdoors is complete.

The Jagdhaus Tamers is surrounded by a forest of tall, majestic trees that is home to a wide array of wildlife and when the homeowners spend time in their home away from home, they have a unique ability to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature.
The interior zones of the cabin are clad with wood planks in a clear finish; even the furnishings are made from wood. This natural material is a perfect choice for the environment the cabin is located in.
While the floors, walls, ceiling and furniture are all the same material, visual interest is layered in with the textures of the area rug, pillows and sofa upholstery as well as with the collection of pottery on the table.
A contemporary fireplace wrapped in white heats the cabin. This is the only departure from the wood, (a wood surround would be a fire hazard). The kitchen fills the void between the fireplace and the window wall and even though the space is tight, there is enough room for a dining table protruding from the kitchen’s pony wall.
Upstairs, the corner bedroom has a series of openable windows that create a geometric glow against the wood surround. Here, too, the furnishings are wood with the bed platform doubling as storage.
There are two bedrooms side by side with a small hallway behind that leads to study nook. The headboard walls create the privacy zones for the bedrooms, but other then that they are left open.
The bathroom is on the other end of the second storey. Here the shower located against the end wall and although it is clad in a matte black finish, the window keeps the space light and bright.
The series of long and linear windows gives me the impression that the building is squinting through the glare of the snow. It makes the cabin feel alive and that’s pretty cool (pun intended).
EM2 Architekten
Photography by Studio Mads Mogensen


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