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Cozy Black Interiors by Yoo

Using a large amount of black in an interior can be daunting – but when the outcome is cozy and classy like in the home featured here – it’s well worth it. These images are from a luxury resort home in England – part of a development called The Lakes by Yoo. The contrasts in the interior between light and dark, black and white, are really nicely executed. Making good use of textures, patterns and shapes (wood, furs and skins, panels, shutters, etc) the space is alive and cozy. Details like ornate mirrors, metals and shiny oversized candle sticks give the home some classy touches that hint slightly at glamor. The spaces in this home are modern, dynamic and have a lot of depth – while remaining calm, cozy and modishly sophisticated. These qualities are not easily harmonious, which is why we are appreciating this home so much.
via Yoo.



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