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Beautiful Black Interior Showcased in a Historic Paris Apartment

Located in central Paris, France, this historic 2-storey apartment was designed by Iryna Dzhemesiuk and Vitaly Yurov as a dramatic melding of classic details and contemporary design. The beautiful black interior has been created with the combination of Portoro marble, black gloss paint, smoky black glass and black accessories.
Aside from the layers of beautiful blacks, the Paris Apartment also showcases distressed leather in the same shades as the parquet oak flooring and multiple pops of brass accents.
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One of the most dramatic brass accents is an 8 feet high statue of David created with rows upon rows of brass alternated with a black relief.
The scale of David is in keeping with the pair of amazing Baxter Chandeliers.
The chandeliers are a though instead of spinning silk, a spider went crazy spinning the brass filaments that support the multiple LED pin lights.
In complete contrast to the organic composition of the Baxter Chandeliers, the linear lights that highlight the edge of each stairwell tread bring order to an otherwise chaotic lighting aesthetic.
Sharing the spotlight when it comes to brass and light is the Delightful floor lamps whose multiple heads point both up and down, helping to make sure the black environment is filled with ambient lighting.
A green wall of ferns brings is used both for air quality and for a connection to the outdoors. I wonder if the brass spinning spider was a stow away in one of the plants?
The green wall extends up the 2-storey wall, making as dramatic a statement as the black and brass do.
The apartment is also connected to the outdoor environment via a terrace accessed by a pair of black and brass French doors.
The linear lines of the brass hand pulls on the doors and windows are repeated within the Delightful floor lamps, candlesticks and fireplace pokers.
The Portoro marble used on the fireplace facade could not have been a better choice.
The same marble is featured within the coffee tables.
The Portoro marble is also used on the counter top in the kitchen.
The kitchen is one space that is not wall to wall, floor to ceiling black. Here the millwork is covered in patina’d brass sheeting.
Lighting under each of the exposed shelves help keep the kitchen light among all the black.
Another detail only found in the kitchen is the blast of cherry red lips within digital artwork leaning up against the wall.
A little creepy but really cool is all the imagery incorporated into the tongue of the opened mouth. It’s as though everything she is saying is visualized on her tongue. Words have become reality.
Dark colors are not often used in Parisian homes. Too bad, this Paris Apartment is beautiful – maybe black is the new white.
Iryna Dzhemesiuk
Vitaly Yurov
Renderings courtesy of Iryna Dzhemesiuk and Vitaly Yurov.
Historic apartments are not uncommon in Paris, but most of them are not as large as this one. Here’s a small apartment in Paris but also with the ability to layer in stories of tales untold.


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