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Cozy 700 Piece Walnut Para Hammock by Chaffee Graham

Designed by Chaffee Graham of 4th Period Woodshop, the Para Hammock is made with over 700 pieces of Walnut that are all connected in an integrated and flexible grid via a Para cord. The Flexing walnut tiles allow the hammock to custom hug whomever uses it, giving the user the ultimate hammock experience.

Aside from being the perfect place to take a nap or read a book, the Para Hammock is also a beautiful addition to any home or backyard. Each of the 700 walnut pieces has been clear coated to allow the natural color and grain variations to show through which gives it a desirable pixelated effect – especially when the sun’s rays bounce off of it.
The Para cord picks up the colorations of the walnut grain, making it all but disappear at a distance while continuing the geometric pattern up close meaning the Para Hammock is not only the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, but also the ultimate in design aesthetics.
4th Period Woodshop


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