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Blanket of Stars Hovers Over Cosmos Bed


The Cosmos bed by Natalia Rumyantseva has one problem – how could you ever get to sleep looking at all those beautiful stars? But it is the ultimate dream machine. This high tech bed – built in fiberglass – has lots of sleep-inducing features. Like the white noise machine. Or maybe you prefer classical music? The choice is yours but know that the audio system is state of the art! The starlights are LEDs, of course, easy on the eyes and environmentally friendly. And get this: there’s an aromatherapy diffuser, too. (And hey, there are some scents that are known to induce drowsiness.) What a fantastic way to fall asleep under the stars. While we think it would be a fantastic bed anywhere in the world – it would be especially nice for those urban dwellers who long for open sky – and sweet dreams.



Fall asleep, under the stars, wherever you live!

More information: Natalia Rumyantseva


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