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Copper and Glass House

copper and glass contemporary house 2 thumb 630xauto 33040 Copper and Glass House

This single family house, located in northern Belgium, presents and innovative interpretation of traditional house design. The house is erected not far from the ruins of a castle, from which the architects, Graux & Baeyens, took inspiration for the steep roofs. Except for this more traditional feature, the rest of the house is utterly contemporary. The shape is on purpose irregular, thus the house does not have a clear front and back. The materials chosen for the facade are glass and untreated copper. By using these materials the architects fully integrate the house into the woods environment where it is built. The untreated copper is likely to turn green through oxidation over time, and the glazed facades represent a mirror for the surrounding trees. The vertical copper cladding completely hides the limit between the two floors. It is difficult to guess from the outside whether there are more floors or the whether the interiors are open tower-like spaces.

copper and glass contemporary house 3 thumb 630xauto 33042 Copper and Glass House

Contrasting the darker facades, the interior walls are painted an immaculate white. A spiraling white staircase leads up to the upper floor, the private part of the house.


The second floor is dedicated to the night part of the house. The design is minimalistic, with white walls, concrete floor tiles and integrated indirect niche lighting.


On the ground floor, the living space is separated from the dining room by a massive black block that integrates the fireplace on one side and storage on the other. These spaces are filled with natural light that penetrates through the generous floor to ceiling glazed facades.




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